Wednesday, March 28, 2012

From what i'v seen so far has been very ,very,very sad!!!!!!!!! OH also i'v noticed every body deos not have a home.mMy feelings are very,very,very sad!!!!!!!!! T.A.R.

Homeless People

There are 1.6 million homeless people in the US. About 3X kids are geting sleep problems, hunger,and depression. Destiny Raynor's get a house because they get a 60 min off. In the video I leaned that kid don't have home to live in and that they are poor. I feel a little sad because kids don't have home to live in. One kids in the video that I lean she do to move to a new school.

what did i learn is that you show treat polople difirat and i feel sad and hartbroke in taht polople do not have a home that the pastdant show do some like try to make a palcae that they show have free food and that live lees give tanm mony to than like 1000 dorllo gb
I learned that it's not that easy for a child to not have a place to stay and they have to move from one place to another. I also learned that kids go through alot just to find alot of hope that they can believe in. It made me feel very sad and bad for those who really need it. I also felt that there has to be a way for me to help the little kids that really really really really need it.

One thing I learn from the video is that there are alot of people are homeless.There were 5 states has the most chil homelessness. It make me feel bad and sad for the people who doesn't have home because they doesn't have anywhere to live. I also learn that there are 1.6 millions people of children are homeless in U.S.

1. there is 1.6 million poor familes out thier who need our help

2. these states have the most poor familes alabama, mississippi, arkansas, arizona, california.

3. true/or/false??????? true?

4. a wonderful young girls community helpted her family get a home

5. one new thing that i learnd is that thier is 1.6 million poor familes

6. reading and hearing about these poor people make me very sad becasue i have not a dime to provide for my people!!!!!! :(

by. juwanne


The videos we watched were: